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The Coach House in North Bergen, New Jersey

It’s no secret New Jersey is referred to as the diner capital of the world.  It’s reported there are approximately5 25 diners in all of New Jersey, from Abbie’s Diner in Wyckoff to Zikos Diner in Pleasantville. One diner stands out to be more than just a greasy spoon:  “The Coach House” in North Bergen, New Jersey has been astaple in Hudson County for more than 72 years now.  Opened in1939 by Clem & Helen Pappas, a young Greek couple living in Union City.

Diner waitresses and waiters are known to be the most courteous of their kind on the planet.  There’s something so wonderful to walk into an establishment and be greeted by the restaurant manager with a “How are you” and to be called “Honey” by your waitress makes you feel like you’ve come home.  I bet you didn’t knowthere was an Unwritten Code of NewJersey Diners (UCNJD)?  For Example a rule of thumb is; when a diner waitress says you DON’T want something, even if you do,trust her without hesitation.  It also stipulates that the check should be handwritten and illegible, especially to someone wanting to know if he was charged for that extra Diet Coke.

Upon being seated you’re brought a basket of rolls, both savory and sweet.  Refills on Soda, Coffee & Tea are free which is always a good thing.  Prices are always right and in New Jersey it’s demanded there be enough food to choke a horse and The Coach House does not disappoint. Platters are huge and enough for lunch the next day.  Everything is home made and cooked to order right on the premises, including all desserts.

Let’s talk about one of the best Salad Bars in Northern New Jersey and is included with most dinner entrees.  Several different kinds of lettuce mixtures,10 different dressing, all the toppings you could want, fresh vegetables, fruitsalads, tuna & chicken salad you could have just the salad bar for $9.95 and feel like a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving.

Just got back from dinner with my dining partner and I’m so full I can’t even move.  I had the Char-Grilled Churrasco (Skirt Steak) with sauteed Red Onion, Stuffing anda Sweet Potato for $19.95, which came with the glorious salad bar.  My dining partner had the Grand Cesar Salad for $9.95.  For dessert I had the Chocolate Mocha Layer Cake for $3.50.

The diner went through a complete renovation in 2008 withthe addition of rich cherry woods, scalloped high back booths and a beautiful granite counter where you can sit and get a quick bit on the go.

You can visit The Coach House’s Website at, if you are in the area this diner also delivers right to your front door for a small delivery fee of $3.00 and expect it to be there in a timely manner and piping hot.

Written by Michael Monteforte – New Jersey correspondent. 
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