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Sofi’s Shawarma & Donairs

I was craving a good shawarma plate the other day, and it was around 8pm. I didn’t feel like driving all the way to Vancouver to find it, so I decided to check out the UrbanSpoon Iphone app for restaurants near Surrey.  This app is pretty handy, if you’re a food fanatic like me, so I recommend getting it.

I found a shawarma joint in Fleetwood, about 9 minutes away from me. It’s called Sofi’s and it’s located inside the Evergreen Mall. It had a 91% positive rating on UrbanSpoon, so I decided to try it. The restaurant is really nothing to write home about: very humble. It was clean, which was the most important thing.

I was greeted by the friendly owner, who told me he named the place after his wife. Cute. The menu has a bit of everything: pasta, souvlaki, donairs, some East Indian dishes, falafel and shawarma.

I ordered the Chicken Shawarma Platter ($8.99) it comes with rice, pita bread, salad, tabouleh and tzatziki sauce. I also ordered a 40z side order of Hommus ($1.99).

It was about 30 minutes before closing, so the shop was pretty quite. A couple of people came by to order takeout. The owner was very friendly and knew his customers by name. He stopped by and asked me how my meal was, and he offered me more pita bread on the house.

He told me that when he opened a couple of years ago; and he used to have his meat prepared outside of the shop. But after some taste tests and feedback from his customers, he decided to try out different recipes and started to prepare all his meats in-house. He is really proud of his chicken shawarma recipe, which he says took him a long time to perfect.

My dinner was very enjoyable. The chicken was juicy and the well marinated and spiced. I ordered it spicy, so it came with a side of hot sauce that its his wife’s recipe and also made in-house. It was good that the sauce came on the side, as the sauce was very hot!

The portions are generous for what you pay for, and the food is good. It’s not a fancy place, but the friendly service makes it worth it.  I would come back here again, maybe try the donairs next. I’ve also heard their curry dishes are very good.

Sofi's Shawarma & Donairs on Urbanspoon


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