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Amorosa Pasta House

My coworkers and I decided to check out Amorosa for lunch one day. Amorosa Pasta House is attached to Santali Souvlaki House and it’s run by Chef John Chow –  a Chinese Chef with a love for all things Italian and Greek.  His restaurants have a reputation for generous portions and friendly service.

We started with the appetizer humus and pita bread. The humus was very flavourful, and it had a spice I couldn’t pinpoint.

We ordered the lunch special: lamb chops with roasted potatoes, rice and salad. It came with a side of Tzatziki sauce that was out of this world. Great chops, well seasoned and tender.

We also ordered two types of pasta. At Amorosa you can chose what type of pastas and sauce you’d like. We had the Creola – sausage, chicken and shrimp on an spicy tomato sauce, and the Pescatore – clams, shrimps, mushrooms and scallops in a tomato sauce. The portions are very generous for lunch, we could easily make another meal out of them. Both pastas were cooked al dente, and the sauces were great. The pescatore was tasty, but it hardly had any seafood. We found one lonely scallop, and a few shrimps. The Creola was my favourite: nice and spicy with lots of sausage. Very tasty.

For dessert we order the Creme Caramel, the Cheesecake, and the Tiramisu.  The tiramisu was a tad dry. The lady fingers needed to be soaked more, also more chocolate would’ve been nice. The presentation of the cheesecake was very different: Amorosa serves its cheesecake warm, and wrapped in phyllo pastry. It also comes drizzled with fresh raspberry sauce made in-house. I wasn’t a fan, but my dining companion loved it. I like my cheesecake cold and thick. This one was almost like a custard.

The prices range from $10-$15 for an entree, which is not a bad deal for the amount of food that you get. Also it is true, the service is very attentive and friendly.

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