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Burger Heaven

Looking for a good burger and a beer?  Well look no more, I’ve found the perfect spot.  Burger Heaven in New Westminster was just what the doctor ordered to satisfy this craving.  Our server Stephanie was so wonderful, she treated us like gold, we really appreciated her knowledge, kind spirit and urgency when our food was ready.

Burger Heaven offers a wide variety of burgers prepared dozens of ways.  You can even build your own with many toppings to choose from.

Burger Heaven was purchased by Bill Mural in 1985 and is now run by his son Jude Mural who kept tradition by focusing on good burgers and a happy environment, which is obviously working well based on how packed the place was tonight.

Here are their values:

• They only buy, prepare and serve the freshest food possible.
• They believe in value for your money – note the heaping portions and the reasonable prices.
• Their staff is down to earth, casual, yet very professional.

Fantastic values if you ask me.  We got right to it, I ordered the Awesome, Awesome, Awesome – A pound and a half of meat – four patties, with onions, tomato, lettuce and topped with the works and their special sauce ($19.89).  There was so much food I could only finish half my burger and had to take 2 of the 4 patties home.  The potato wedges are so scrumptious and seasoned just right and if you order a side of gravy you can dip till your hearts content! My burger also came with a side salad.

My husband had the Bison Burger Deluxe – Specialty burger made from bison meat, which came with those yummy potato wedges again and a side salad ($16.50).  The burger was tender, tasty and it was just the right portion.  Topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions & jalapeno sour cream sauce, this burger was YUMMY!

Some other recommendations would be the Zoo Bites –  Tender morsels of zucchini, breaded and deep fried to a golden brown and your choice of dip ($7.49), or  the Thai Beef Burger – Topped with crunchy peanut butter, green onions and sweet Thai chili sauce ($13.59). Their dessert specials looked great too.  You can view their website at

Written by Michael Monteforte

Burger Heaven on Urbanspoon



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