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Max’s Burgers

Vancouver has seen an amazing increase in good burger joints recently. From the likes of Stackhouse Burger Bar, to the amazing burger at Hawksworth.

Enter Max’s Burgers.

This is honest-to-goodness, back-to-basics food. Nothing pretentious about it. Just good, solid eats. They use local ingredients when they can, and offer a good product for a good price.

I went there and I felt right at home. No need for reservations here, just a lot of people eating and having a good time. Super casual atmosphere.

I got a seat by the window and looked at the menu. They have a nice variety of appetizers as well as some vegetarian options and po’ boy sandwiches, but I was craving a burger.  The average burger is $9, but I decided to go for The British Columbia ($12.50)- a 5oz patty of seasoned beef, with applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and (I hope you’re sitting down for this one) BACON MARMALADE.

You read that right. Bacon. Marmalade. Together.

The burger comes in their home-baked brioche bun. Let me tell you folks, the bun makes a difference. So soft and chewy, yet firm enough to keep all that burger goodness together. Speaking of burger goodness, the meat was fantastic, juicy and savoury. Together with the hint of sweetness from the marmalade, this was a great combo.

My burger came with fries. The fries were good. Not great, not bad. Just fries.

I also ordered a milkshake. They come in an old fashion metal tin. The shakes are five bucks, but here’s a hint –  it only costs an extra buck to add a bit of booze to it. Max’s burgers is fully licensed, so if milkshakes aren’t your thing, you can always have a beer.

They offer fresh desserts as well, but since I decided to have a shake, I decided to skip it. In the evening they have dessert specials so check them out.

Follow them on twitter @maxsburgersvan

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