presents VERACE AMORE

The guys at hit a home run with this dining package!

Great restaurant? Check

Great menu? Check

Affordable pricing? Check. Check. Check!

@yvrbcbro and I got invited to sample this dining package. We’ve both been to Verace a couple times and we really enjoy this restaurant. In fact, this is the restaurant where Sean and I had our first meal together, and a beautiful friendship was born.

(everyone together now: awwwwwww)

Ahem…. back to the food now:

We started with the Salati Assortiti –  cured meats and cheese, vegetables, rosemary bread and marinated olives. For our choices we had sopressata, a fantastic prosciutto, and salami. (The meat choices changes daily). Lovely choice of olives: black, green, and they all came warm. Such detail!  It also came with the most delicious marinated artichokes. I couldn’t get enough of them! What a great way to start our meal. I’m usually not a fan of antipasti, but this dish won me over.

We follow up with the beautiful, beautiful, Burrata. Cheese drizzled with lemon olive oil and balsamic reduction and served with warm rosemary bread…. Ever seen the movie “When Harry Met Sally”? Remember the restaurant scene? (if you’ve never seen this movie, what’s the matter with you??? at least google it! ) Yeah, much to Sean’s dismay, that was me. I couldn’t even talk! I kept making this yummy food sounds… The burrata was sooooooooooo… friking….. goooooodddd.

Their burrata is imported from Italy, and it’s nothing short of creamy, melty goodness. Together with the lemon oil… all I can say, is: When I die, I want to come back as burrata and be eaten by Alexandre Skarsgard.

Folks, this package is worth it just for the burrata ALONE. We had a full order of it afterwards.

My precioussssss…...

Moving on, we have the Brick Oven Baked Pizza. The crust is homemade. (Again with the wonderful details). The pizza was half prosciutto (fior di latte, prosciutto, fresh arugula, grana padano and evoo) and half funghi (mushroom cream, balsamic onions, crimini, portabella and oyster mushrooms, topped with fresh oregano, grana padano and evoo). The pizza was only 8 inches, but it was filling, and I love having the variety of the meat and vegetarian sides! Now Sean says that the reason why the prosciutto pizza is covered with arugula is to cut some of the richness of the meat, but I just don’t get it. It’s like having a salad on top of my pizza.

 For dessert, we had a Lemoncello Layer Cake. Limoncello infused lady fingers layered with lemon curd and mascarpone cream. Oh sweet lord, I was in dessert heaven! It took all my willpower not to lick the plate clean! So delicious!

Folks, the package goes on sale On February 22nd on their website. And the price for all this is $15.

That’s it. $15. Fifteen bucks. For the Burrata from heaven. For warm olives and marinated artichokes, for the artisan pizza, for the I-almost-forgot-I’m-a-lady-and-I-almost-licked-the-plate-clean lemoncello cake.

Fifteen bucks for DINNER… in VANCOUVER.

I rest my case.

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Sean and I were asked by to review this dining package. We didn’t paid for the package. But we did pay for our drinks, and our burrata, and I would gladly do it again. You should too. 

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