Nuba on 3rd is the third reincarnation of this restaurant – they have locations on Cambie, Hastings and Davie as well. This particular location has a 70’s feel to it, with their geometric patterns and colours, an open kitchen concept and a large counter.

Nuba is famous for its Lebanese cuisine. They use only free-range, organic ingredients, and are also known for their vegetarian/vegan dishes. Beautifully executed exotic food is what keep diners coming back.

I went there for dinner to try their Lamb Stew ($11). This was delicious pieces of halal lamb, slowly braised with tomatoes, onions and chickpeas and served over a bed of brown rice.

I loved the presentation. The flavours were so delicate, and the used of spices was phenomenal. The meat was so tender and juicy. This was a great dish. It came with warm pita bread, lots of it.

The service was very good – friendly server, very attentive, and even offered me more free pita bread. I felt good being here, I felt well taken care of.

I also ordered something else: Pan Seared Halloumi Cheese – a traditional cheese from Cyprus, served with tomatoes and nuts, in a sweet pomegranate vinagrette. Oh sweet lord from heaven, thank you for this glorious tidbit.  It was fantastic.

Although the menu at Nuba is simple, it’s not boring. There’s plenty of variety and plenty of flavour. Next time I come, I want to try their wraps. I’ve heard they’re amazing.

Nuba is Zagat rated. Follow them on twitter @Nubatown
Nuba (East 3rd Ave) on Urbanspoon

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