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Advertisements wants to FIESTA with their new dining package LA CASITA BOTANAS

The new offering from takes you South of the border, with their new dining package La Casita Botanas.

La Casita is an excellent Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Gastown. This is one of my favourite Mexican restaurants in the city and they offer a good quality, authentic, Mexican menu.

For this dining package, Bill and Kev are offering you a good sampling of what the La Casita menu has to offer!

The term “botanas” means tapas in Spanish, which is what this package is about: a tantalizing sampler of Mexican tapas to share!

  1. Chipotle Prawn, grilled in butter, garlic, & their special chipotle sauce
  2. Chicken Wings, served with mole sauce on a bed of rice
  3. Quesadillas, handmade folded tortillas with melted cheese and Mexican chorizo sausage
  4. Cabbage Salad, served with avocado
  5. Super Nachos, beef & bean salsa, cheese & veggies on fresh corn tortilla chips

@yvrbcbro and I shared this platter. I’ve been here a few times, specially for their $21 jumbo margaritas! Sean indulged in a smaller version, while I enjoyed an horchata this time around. For Sean’s review, click here.

I loved, loved, loved the mole sauce on the wings – it was sweet with a tiny hint of spice, and thick! It covered the wings perfectly.

The chipolte prawns come with two taquito tortillas and lime, so you can make yourselves a couple of tasty shrimp tacos! The prawns had a bite to them, but not too spicy. Just perfect.

In the middle of the platter you’ll find a nice portion of their super nachos. Fresh deep-fried corn tortillas topped with cheese, beef, beans and pico de gallo. Excellent nachos, and you can tell the freshness of the chips by how crunchy they were.

Another excellent tidbit are the chorizo quesadillas – these homemade tortillas are filled with cheesy chorizo goodness and are a guaranteed hit.

Last but not least, we have a cabbage salad, that taste very much like Salvadoran curtido. The dressing is nice and light, and it’s made even more delicious by the sliced avocado on top. It cuts on the spice nicely. Very tasty.

This package goes on sale today, for $18. Quantities are limited, so order early.

Order at their website or click here. And follow the guys on twitter and follow La Casita @lacasitagastown


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