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Tonight, come to the Railway Club and party like it’s the year of the disco tiger!

Local artist and all-around nice guy  ChiSun The Asian Persuasion is back with his new release Year of the Disco Tiger . To celebrate the CD release, there will be a CD release party hosted by Chi Sun at The Railway Club (579 Dunsmuir Street) Today, March 22, 2012 at 6:30PM – 8:30PM. Entry is by donation, and a donation of $10 or more gets a free CD.

Chi Sun’s latest album is described by the artist as “a bit of hip hop, electronica, and comedy with 80s cheese”. Inspired by musicians such as Chromeo and Flight of the Conchords, his songs differ from the  typical  love  songs,  ballads,  and  hip  hop  of today. With songs such as Disco Tiger, Hot Tang, I  Dont Want No Period, Sister from Another Mister,  Are  You  Ho?  and  Sandwiches his latest album has his audience dancing and singing along. If Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer adopted an Asian   baby…Chi   Sun   would   be   their   music lovechild.

I’ve seen Chi Sun live and he’s hilarious. His lyrics are off-the-wall and sometime just random, but together with his music and on-stage persona, this makes for a very entertaining show.

All I want to do is make people laugh and enjoy my music,” says Chi Sun, who started recording Year of the Disco Tiger from his first single, Sandwiches. “I performed Sandwiches for fun at The Railway Club in front of some friends and new audiences, and it became a crowd favorite. Everyone can relate to my love for sandwiches. Who doesnt like a good sandwich?” After Sandwiches, Chi Sun continued to write songs about everyday pop culture topics, from the Jersey Shore influenced Disco Tiger to the social media craze that has everyone attached to their phones in  The AntiSocial Network.

Chi Sun is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, keyboard, turntables, and drums) who raps, sings and plays all his instruments on his recordings. Some career highlights have included the 2004 Junos After Party, the New Music West festival, and playing gigs in Canada and Europe.

Check out Chin Sun on facebook

Music samples and downloads at iTunes & here.

See you guys there!

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