Lunch at Cactus Club Cafe

We were looking for a place to celebrate a coworker’s birthday. Something classy and West Coast, with a good variety of dishes. Cactus Club fit the bill perfectly. It’s a great place to have a corporate lunch.

Cactus Club Cafe is a BC institution. The culinary vision for Cactus Club Cafe is led by Canada’s original Iron Chef Rob Feenie. With a diverse menu as well as seasonal dishes, there’s something to please every palate.

We started with some Potato Skins ($10.25) instead of sour cream they use spicy yogurt, which made them more flavourful in my opinion. They also use cured bacon and a blend of cheese. The skins weren’t too oily and they really hit the spot.

One of my favourite dishes here are the Fajitas ($18.25). I really think you get your money’s worth with this dish. The fajitas come sizzling out of the kitchen in a cloud of mouth-watering smoke. The portion is very generous and the fajitas are delicious. I recommend the blacken chicken, it’s so yummy.

Another dish worth checking out are the Fish Tacos ($13.75). Seared cod in a chipotle aioli with shredded cabbage and salsa fresca. These are tasty and fun to eat.

The Grilled Tuna Club ($14.75) is a Rob Feenie signature dish.  Made with ocean wise albacore tuna, pickled ginger arugula, cilantro and bacon in a ciabatta bun, this sandwich goes great with a side of sea salt or yam fries.

 Cactus Club location has dishes created exclusively for each location, which makes each visit unique.

Follow them on twitter: @cactusclubcafe

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