Pho Central

My friend @customersright is a vegetarian and had never tried Pho before. Someone suggested Pho Central to him. @joshrimer and myself joined him for some lunch.

I will start with everything that I liked about Pho Central. I love that’s so conveniently located on the Davie Village, I love that their menu has a good variety of dishes, not just pho, I also like,like, like the prices! This place gives the term “cheap eats” a whole new meaning!

Most dishes are well below $10. David chose the vegetarian Hu Tieu Rau Cai veggie noddle soup for $6.95. His Pho had lots of veggies, tofu and rice noodles. The tofu was deep fried, which is an odd choice for a vegetarian dish, as most people choosing this dish are looking for a healthier option. The broth was flavourful and the Pho had a good choice of toppings.

Josh ordered the Thit Bo Xao Sa Vermicelli Salad Bowl. Lots of fresh lettuce, herbs, beans sprouts, cucumber, pickled carrots, scallions, roasted peanuts. It also came with lemongrass beef and a chicken spring roll. His dish looked so amazing, and it was only $7.95.

Ok, so these is when things went a little sideways:

I ordered the Ga Noung Sa for $3.95. My baguette sandwich had lots of toppings: carrots, cilantro, scallions and BBQ chicken. I knew that the sandwich had hot peppers, but hey, I’m Latina, I can take a little heat. I was really loving it, until I got halfway thru it, and I bit into the hottest peppers I ever had!! My mouth was on fire. I could understand if the peppers were spread evenly on the sandwich, but they were all right in the middle. It was brutal.

Moving on, we ordered the Canh Ga Chien Bo chicken wings – I remember the ones I had at Phnom Penh, and I knew that these wouldn’t be as good as the ones from there, but I wasn’t expecting them to be so bad. They were greasy and the chicken was over cooked. The sauce was oily. Now I’m not one to waste food, but I couldn’t finish them.

My advice is, if you come to Pho Central, stick with the Pho soups and the Vermicelli salad bowls. Both my dining partners enjoyed their meals.

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