Donate your Coffee Money to the Vancouver AIDS Walk Day

It’s that time again, when I start my fundraising campaign for AIDS Walk. This is a cause very dear to my heart, and aside from finding delicious calorie free food that makes you skinny, my biggest wish is to have a world free of AIDS.

Finding delicious calorie-free food that makes me skinny is a pipe dream (sad, I know), but a world free of AIDS is doable! All we need is a little more money for research and education.

Meanwhile, we can help those living with this disease by supporting AIDS Walk this year. There are many ways to get involved: you can volunteer the day of the walk to help with registration and merchandising. Start by filling out a volunteer form on their website. Or you can be a walker yourself! It’s easy to register, simply click here to register for the walk. Also, you can support a walker, like myself, by clicking on their fundraising page.

The money raised goes to The Positive Living Society of British Columbia and the  Complementary Health Fund – an initiative which aims to mitigate the burden of health-related expenses associated with HIV disease that are not covered by other funding sources. Small things like filtered drinking water and the right vitamins can make a huge difference to someone living with HIV/AIDS.

Every bit helps, so I propose this: how about if one day next week, you donate your coffee/latte money to AIDS Walk? This small sacrifice can make a world of difference for someone living with the disease.

Share the message on twitter:

Today I donated my coffee money to @AIDSWALKVan, you can too cc. @maryinvancity

Do it, I promise you $5 never tasted so good.

Donate today.


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