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Turkish House and Bistro

There’s a tiny restaurant on the corner of Imperial St. on Burnaby called Turkish House and Bistro. It’s close to work, and a few coworkers and I decided to check it out. I was a little nervous about it, the place is small, and unpretentious. Our server seated us without menus. After 5 minutes or so, I went up to ask for them, and I was told they did not have any. Seriously. They don’t have printed menus.

A couple of minutes later, another server came by to offers us some tea. The tea was good and strong, and it tasted like Orange Pekoe. Our server and us had a bit of a language barrier, as she tried to explain to us what they serve. It was hard to understand without a menu, so most of us decided to play it safe and order the chicken kabobs. Anne ordered the lamb shank.

Our server was pleasant enough, but I still couldn’t believe we couldn’t get a menu. I strongly recommend they remedy that. How can a customer make an informed decision without them? How about pricing?

The food was the saving grace. My chicken kabob came perfectly seasoned, it was juicy and there was lots of it. It came with salad, stewed tomatoes and peppers, rice, and a turkish salad made with onions, carrots and purple cabbage. It also came with a very good flatbread. The price? $14

Anne’s lamb looked absolutely amazing. It came in a stew pot with carrots, and onions, and the lamb was tender and flavourful. We were all jealous of it, but she was very gracious and let us try it. So good.

If you decide to come here, don’t expect too much in the form of service or ambience. It is obvious that people come here based on the strength of the food, which was very good. Also make sure you budget your time accordingly, as it takes a bit of time to prepare it.

You can find them on Facebook. 

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