EAT! Vancouver 2013 – a celebration of food and drink

Eat! Vancouver is a celebration of food and drink like no other.  This is one of the most anticipated events of the year, with hundreds of different vendors and restaurants, you’re bound to find your new favourite “must have” experience here.

This year, I took @joshrimer with me, he loves food and drink almost as much as I do! We had a blast. Some of our highlights included:


Kitchening & Co. We had a great experience tasting some of their macarons and cookies. Their macarons are handcrafted locally in the Lower Mainland using all natural colours and flavours. Some of our favourite flavours were the salted caramel, mandarin/strawberry and maple bacon.


Sabras Canada – With a great selection of hummus, salsas and dips, the Sabras booth has something for everyone.


Good Drink Company – Their unique light blend of natural herbal flavours creates a light and refreshing drink. I recommend the green tea with honey and lemon.


Oikos Greek Yogurt – Rich, creamy and low fat, and it has twice the protein of regular yogurt.


Jaw Drop Cooler Co. – Their line of flavourful and colourful coolers includes puckering punch, squeezing melons, sucking lemons and licking limes. All of these are available at your local beer and wine and government stores.

Skinny Grape Wines –  Only  80 calories per glass, Skinny Grape Pinot Grigio is light and crisp. Perfect for the summer months.


Food Network Celebrity Stage

We got just in time to see Chuck Hughes, Food Network Celebrity Chef do his thing. Other celebrities included Anna Olson, Bal Arneson and my personal favourite, Rob Feenie.

Bites of Vancouver – Featuring a variety of Vancouver restaurants, one that stood out was Establishment Lounge. Their lamb slider, was outstanding.


EAT! Vancouver runs from May 24th until the 26th. Follow them on Twitter @EAT_Vancouver

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