Chef’s Kebab

I was introduced to Chef Kebab by a local company called Lazymeal. Lazymeal is a service whose mission is to make food ordering for delivery and pickup easier, faster and fun from local restaurants in Vancouver. I’ve patterned up with them to bring you reviews of hidden gems such as Chef Kebab.

Chef Kebab is located on Fraser Hwy in Surrey. A little out of the way and hidden in an industrial zone, the store front is quite unimpressive, and if you’re not looking for it, you’d probably miss it. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. I was joined on this culinary adventure by two other bloggers: Idea Rabbit and My Secret Eden.

Their menu is an extensive array of traditional Indian food. Everything from curries, to kebabs and everything in between.

Lazymeal sponsored our meal so we could have a chance to explore Chef Kebab’s most popular dishes. We started with some appetizers: First up was the chicken pakora ($8.99). The pakoras were crispy on the outside and juicy and moist inside. The dish came paired up with a delicious mint chutney. Very delicious, this is a great dish to introduce someone to India cuisine.


Moving on we tried a nice kebab, the Chicken Tikka Afghani ($ 10.99)– chicken marinated in cream, cheese and aromatic spices. I couldn’t believe how moist the chicken was!


The Chilly Chicken  ($8.99) – Tossed in spicy Szechwan with onions and peppers, this appetizers runs like a meal. The spice wasn’t overwhelming and the portion was large enough to share.


Ah, this one was my favourite dish of the night – the Sarsoon Panner Tikka ($9.99) – Farmer cheese marinated in yogurt and flavored with mustard. The flavours of this dish were amazing.


Another excellent kebab is the Jackfruit Ke Kebab ($8.99) – Marinated in yogurt, dried pomegranate seeds with exotic flavours.


Moving on to one of my favourite Indian dishes: Butter Chicken ($9.99) – Tender pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. This is one of the best butter chickens I’ve ever tasted! The sauce is heavy on the tomato base, yet still creamy. the spice level is mild, yet you can still taste the spices. I’m so recommending this one.


Next we have ChickenTikka Masala – the chicken is grilled, then marinated in yogurt and spices to give it a really unique flavour.


By now we’re getting really full, but how can I say no to dessert. We moved on to a traditional Indian dessert: Gulab Jamun ($2.99) – sweet dumpling balls deep fried and served with honey sirup. Some people find this dessert too sweet, but not me. I just love gulab jamun. This one was very good.


We ended our meal with my favourite Indian dessert: Rasmalai ($3.50) – This dish is made in house and consists of  poached cheese patties in cardamom flavored condensed milk. Loved it.


So what do I think of Chef Kebab? I’ll admit that I wouldn’t have tried this restaurant unless someone had recommended it. I’m glad I did. The food is delicious and I will definitely be back! This is in my opinion one of the best Indian restaurants in Surrey. Thanks to Lazymeal for recommending it!

You can order any of these dishes and have them delivered to your home using the service. Check out Chef Kebab’s online menu here.

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