Party like a movie star with this great CÎROC martini recipe!

The guests in attendance at the 86th Oscars Governors Ball will be enjoying the delicious CÎROC Coco Light Martini – a calorie conscious and stylish vodka cocktail created exclusively for the celebration.
Now you too can party like a movie star and create this cocktail at home for your own Oscar party! This cocktail not only taste good, it has less than 130 calories per serving. Made from coconut water and pineapple and lime juices, it’s refreshing and delicious.  Enjoy!

CÎROC Coco Light Martini (127 Cal)


1.5 oz Unsweetened Coconut Water (8c cal)

1.5 oz CÎROC Coconut (94 cal)
1 oz Pineapple Juice (17 cal)
.25 oz Fresh Lime Juice (4 cal)
Shake and strain into coupe glass // Combine all ingredients in martini shaker with ice  // Garnish with lemon twist

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