Oh Daddy! PappaRoti opens on Robson St.

PR Ext Shot - MUST 2014 Copyright Ema Peter Photography

If you’ve never tried a PappaRoti coffee bun, you’re in luck! This new-to-Canada pastry is now available on Robson St.

The PappaRoti, a buttery, coffee-caramel-coated treat, has been dubbed “the father of all buns” and with good reason. its crispy, caramel coating cracks beautifully to reveal a soft, fluffy centre. Not too sweet, yet decadent, the PappaRoti is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of JJ Bean Coffee or Teaja tea.


The bun is great on its own, but it can also be enjoyed with a variety of toppings, such as banana and Nutella, ice cream and maple syrup and strawberries and whipped cream.


Exclusive to this location is the karak Milk Tea – delicious concoction of whisked condense milk, cardamon, black tea and fresh ginger. You can’t get it anywhere else in Vancouver and its a must try for any tea lover. Really.


The new flagship store is a welcome addition to the West End neighbourhood. The location has ample natural light, bright fixtures and comfortable seating, making it the perfect place to unwind after a day of shopping on Robson St.


PappaRoti is committed to support local business and has partnered up with JJ Bean Coffee, Teaja Tea and Eat it Up Organic Foods to provide quality refreshments for their guests. Not only that, PappaRoti supports several local charitable organizations including the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and Lord Strathcona Elementary School.

Owners Javeed Somji and Sherri Zarandooz hope to expand the brand to other locations in the lower mainland. PappaRoti has over 400 cafe locations worldwide.

Follow them on Twitter: @PappaRotiCanada 

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