Introducing your new favourite drink: The Arctic Fizz

I had a chance to try Ungava Gin at EAT! Vancouver this year. This premium gin originates from the Ungava peninsula – a vast territory at the northern tip of Quebec. Ungava is an Inuit term meaning “towards the open water”. This area is covered in ice and snow for nine months of the year. During the fleeting summer season, six rare botanicals native to the region are handpicked and used to infuse this extraordinary spirit.  These botanicals give Ungava its distinct aroma and golden colour.

This cocktail is a great addition to any garden party. So refreshing and perfect for the deck. Enjoy!























Arctic Fizz

45mL Ungava Gin

90 mL Soda Water

30 mL Lemon Juice

15 mL Simple Syrup

1 Cherry

Orange Zest

Load Boston Shaker with ice and all carbonate free ingredients. Shake and strain over ice loaded highball glass. Garnish with orange zest and cherry. Finish with soda water.

For more information about Ungava Canadian Premium Gin and cocktail recipe ideas, go to or follow them on Twitter @Ungava_Gin


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    1. Mary Sheridan says:

      I know right? So friking good


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