The Soup House (湯.com)

While in my old neighborhood in Fraserview (Victoria Drive), I found that one of my favorite Chinese restaurants had closed and replaced with The Soup House (湯.com). Previously a small hole-in-the-wall that I would walk and pass by but not dine in, The Soup House has now taken over a larger restaurant at 5763 Victoria Drive. Packed with tables, and greeted with a line-up and 20-30 minute wait time for a table for 2, my hubby and I waited to try this bustling restaurant.

This restaurant specializes in its little pots of freshly made soups and clay pot rice. While waiting for our table, we browsed the menu and searched blogs for recommendations on what dishes to order. Taking our seat, we ended up ordering Clay Pot Rice with Pork Belly and the Ginseng Silk Chicken Soup. As mentioned in the menu, ordering a Clay Pot Rice means a longer wait time, having it roast slowly on a fire burner so that the rice is crispy and sticks to the clay pot – what makes this dish quite delicious.

My soup came first – Ginseng Silk Chicken Soup – comes in a small clay pot, size of a cup and a half. A chicken broth, made with silk chicken and ginseng herbs, the soup provides a light yet flavorful bowl that warms the stomach on a cold day.


Along with the Clay Pot Rice came a bowl of chicken soup for my hubby, however this house soup is not as flavorful as the Ginseng Silk Chicken Soup. Instead, it was more bland and simple, perhaps to go with the Clay Pot Rice.


The Clay Pot Rice with Pork Belly came after a 20-30 minute wait time. Hungry, and already completing the soups, we dived into the Clay Pot Rice immediately. The dish came with flavorful sweet soy sauce on the table, that you can add to the rice and pork belly to mix up. This dish was shareable between two people. Came in a large pot of rice, covered in pork belly and vegetables, the two of us were able to finish it off, including the crispy rice bits at the bottom of the pot – which are my favorite. It reminds me of a Korean bibimbap cooked in a stone bowl.


Overall, I found it a bit pricey for the soup, but the Clay Pot rice is well worth the wait time. I found several tables ordered the Chinese Sausage and Spareribs Clay Pot Rice. For my next visit, I will order and try other Clay Pot rices, however I think I will pass on the soups as I didn’t find it as much value. However, for those who have never tried Chinese soups, this might be worth a try with individual servings and flavors.
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