Get Creative with Tree of Life Canada and Win! 5th Week #Contest

We’re halfway thru my Tree of Life Canada contest. The distributors of Master of Mixes Cocktail Mixes are giving away a Master of Mixes Bar to one of my readers! I’m also making tasting cocktails every week and sharing the recipes with you.

Wouldn’t this bar look great in your house? Stay tuned for details on how to enter the contest.

20150512093916048This week cocktail is called the Master Margarita.

For this delicious cocktail, all you need is Master of Mixes Strawberry mix and, of course, Sauza Tequila.

When I throw a party, I want to spend time socializing with my guests. That’s hard when you’re behind the bar most of the evening making sure everyone has a cocktail. The Master of Mixes Strawberry Mix is made from Premium California Strawberries & Key Lime Juice and it’s the easiest way to create yummy margaritas or daiquiris.

Another must-have for any home bar is Sauza Silver Tequila. I use it for all my tequila-based drinks. This silver tequila is smooth with hints of citrus.


Master Margarita

  • 6 oz Master of Mixes Strawberry Mix
  • 2 oz Sauza Tequila.
  • 1 Frozen Strawberry (for garnish)
  • Ice

Mix all ingredients in a blender and crush. Serve in a margarita glass and top with a frozen margarita.


Now for the contest part: Want to win a Master of Mixes Bar? Click here for more details.

Good luck! Winner will be announced on August 29th, 2015 at 5pm.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. I love my Margarita’s


  2. prairiebelle says:

    i enjoy Peach Daiquiri ‘s


  3. Jenness M says:

    I love a mojito is summer!


  4. Mandy says:

    Mojito for the summer.


  5. nicolthepickle says:

    your cocktail looks lovely. I like sparkling water, cherry juice with some Appleton estate rum. I’m not sure if it has a name, but it’s lovely for drinking.


  6. nancy2880 says:

    I like fruit juices and vodka because they’re easy. These would certainly allow more variety.


  7. Krista M says:

    I enjoy a nice classic Screwdriver with lots of ice! But that Master Margarita looks divine & so perfect for a hot day that I could be persuaded to switch!


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