Aston Hill Tea – An inspiring afternoon for Vancouver’s Female Blogger Community

Aston Hill, located in picturesque West Vancouver, is a limited collection of twenty exceptional residences featuring spectacular water views. The British Properties neighbourhood is one of the most luxurious and beautiful neighbourhoods in all of Canada.

One of the features that stood out for me the most, aside from the craftsmanship of the house, were the expansive outdoor terraces. Each floor had its own dedicated outdoor space. And how can you not, with views like these:


This elegant location was the setting for an exclusive talk by CEO of ExecutiveSpeak Narges Nirumvala. She shared her journey from fired administrative assistant to world renowned leadership and communication expert and international speaker. It was truly inspiring. The talk also focused on empowering women to look beyond our own self-imposed limitations and inspired us to see beyond them to achieve more success and achieve our dreams!


We also enjoyed an expertly curated lunch by no other than Erin Ireland. Erin is one of my all-time favourite Vancouverites. Always graceful and kind, she’s one of the most successful food entrepreneurs in the city.


The food was light and sumptuous. Goat cheese and mushroom sandwiches, delicate tuna tartar, macaroons, scones and freshly baked croissants. we took in the breathtaking views while we sipped on glasses of Villa Teresa Prosecco.


It was truly an afternoon to remember.


For more information about Aston Hill and the British Properties, click here.

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