Cirque du Soleil Kooza Arrives in Vancouver 

Cirque du Soleil has arrived back  in Vancouver to delight young and old alike.  KOOZA takes you back in time when innocence and wonder where once king. From the beginning we see the world thru child-like wonder and it doesn’t stop for the duration of the show.  

Maybe it’s the constant “wow” and “how do they do that??” or the fact that if you blink you will miss a mind-boggling moment. For me it was forgetting the world outside the Grand Chapiteau for 1.5 hours and remembering what was like to be a kid.

 Every detail will delight the senses: from the ornate costumes to the precise  acrobatic to the detailed make up. You wil laugh, you will hold your breath and yes, you will get a bit emotional at the end.  

KOOZA runs now until December 27. Get your tickets here

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