A Day at EcoDairy #AvalonTraceable

On Sunday, my family and I spent a day as guests of  EcoDairy and Avalon at the EcoDairy facilities learning about sustainable farming. Located in Abbotsford, EcoDairy is the first demonstration farm of its kind in Canada. The farm offers a unique and highly interactive learning environment, perfect for children like my little guy, Dylan.


A proud partner of EcoDairy is Avalon. Avalon was the first to produce organic milk in BC and also the first dairy in BC to produce naturally enriched DHA Omega-3 milk. With over 101 years experience, this family business pours their heart and soul into every product that carries its name. You can purchase their products here.

Avalon regular milk is 100% traceable to EcoDairy farm and its partners. With Avalon traceable milk, one can rest assured that their dairy products come from cows whose welfare is a top priority. In fact, you can even visit the farm online and see for yourself.DSC_0005

There’s something for everyone at EcoDairy! Activities include a visit to the barn to see the cows, which includes learning how to the farm uses manure to power their facilities, and even a live demo by Robbie – the cow-milking robot. Dylan even got a chance to test his cow-milking skills.


EcoDairy showcases innovations in dairy sustainability and efficiency while inspring young minds to develop an active interest in farming, innovation in food and agriculture and other facets of science and technology.



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