The Big Picture – New Vancouver Theatresports Improv Show

Summer is here and what better way to spend an evening but to enjoy a free outdoor movie experience around Vancouver. However, on a rainy day, or in need of a great laugh this summer, Vancouver Theatresports League is offering its own take on classic movies with its latest production The Big Picture – An Improvised Movie. Going until August 27th, this Thursday/Friday/Saturday improv show provides a hilarious twist on movies spanning through decades and genres.


I had the opportunity this week to check out this latest show. I’ve attended several VTSL improv shows, however this themed show sounded really interesting. A mashup of movies, and a varying group of players, with an ever changing comedic show makes for great entertainment. A theatre where no seat is a bad seat, allows alcohol that’s purchased from the bar, and an audience shouting out scenarios to the players, I had a funfilled evening full of laughter. Settings such as Egypt, a Canadian passport office, and a comedic parody of the city Vancoujer, mistakes in the show don’t exist and is masked by comedic jokes. What other show in the city provides laughs on such topics such as an adventure in the library’s microfiche area or a Western movie featuring a singing cowboy with a horse-phobia! Again, not every show is the same so don’t expect the Western cowboy to show up in your show unless you shout it out.


If you want great laughs with a group of your friends, perhaps as a starter for your evening stag/stagette, or just feel like a fun date night activity, check out this summer’s The Big Picture – An Improved Movie at Granville Island with Vancouver Theatresports League. You won’t be disappointed as tickets only start at $15 for adults and $10 for students for 90 minutes of laughing! They say laughing boosts the immune system – perhaps skip the vitamin C and come check out the show instead.

For more info on Vancouver Theatresports League, visit:


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