Oh, Canada! – VTSL Summer Improv Time!

Happy summer, lovely people! Once again, the Vancouver Theatre Sports League is putting on an amazing show for us all. As with everything for the last few months (and next few weeks as we wind down from all the festivities), it’s Canada 150 themed!

Oh, Canada, The True North Strong and Funny was an absolute delight.

VTSL_Oh Canada

I went last Thursday and was greeted with Caesars, flannel, and Timbits. Can’t get any more Canadian than that. As an aside, Granville Island is beautiful in the summer. We ate our snacks overlooking the docks. The weather was all sunshine and warm breezes while we sipped refreshing iced teas.

Timbits, Iced Tea, and Salmon toast for a bit of BC flair.

But of course, the best part of the night was the show! As per usual, the players did a few short improv games where they asked for suggestions yelled (or loudly said, as our polite Canadian canoe guide reminded us) from the crowd. We got skits about the usual: hockey, Trudeau, and moose. And some unusual, like Australians in Whistler and Quebec in July. The latter only reminded me of how much high school level French I didn’t keep.

One great plus about the VTSL is they always give thanks and direct applause to the behind the scenes guys and gals who make the show extra great. This show had Su Scarfe on lights and Laura Skelton on sound. Remember, they’re as much in the dark as the audience is, and all the lighting and sound cues are a surprise for them as well.

Overall, this one was one of my favourites! If you love Canada or just want to hear a bunch of Trudeau jokes, hop on down to see a show. It runs until September 2, so make sure to catch it before Fall sets in! Get your tickets here.


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