Brews, Bites & BBQ at The Boathouse Restaurant

The sun is shining and you just got off work. What better way to spend an evening than enjoying a beer and some BBQ on a patio. This week I was invited to enjoy Brews, Bites & BBQ at The Boathouse Restaurant in New Westminster. This special event was hosted in partnership with Granville Island Brewing, pairing 8 of their different beers with a menu of bites and BBQ dishes cooked by Chef Brent of The Boathouse.


I started off the evening with Granville Island’s Raspberry Ale, one of my favourite summertime beers, paired with The Boathouse’s bites which included Spicy Ceviche (cod, shrimp, scallops, lime and chilies), Goat Cheese Arancini (risotto balls with basil and lemon), and Caprese Skewer (fresh tomato, basil and boconcinni).


Chef Brent spent time grilling Andouille Sausage, which were applewood smoked and had a cajun spice kick to them, paired with a light coleslaw. This went well with the Granville Island Maple Shack beer.

The grilled chipotle prawn skewers were my favourite of the evening. Just a hint of spice, juicy and sweet prawns, paired with a mango salsa, these skewers paired perfectly with the tropical hints of pineapple and passionfruit of Granville Island’s Summer Ale. Thanks to Mike Sharpham with Granville Island Brewing for recommending the summer ale. I think it might be on the top of my shopping list for this summer’s BBQ BYOBs!


Chef Brent wowed us with his Korean Short Ribs, marinated for 48 hours in a ginger soy chilies sauce, and paired with Kobe Beef Sliders. Nothing says BBQ like Kobe Beef Sliders!

The evening ended with chocolate mousse and grilled fruit skewers. The BBQ grilling of the pineapple provides a bold flavour and makes the sugar of the pineapple sweeter. If you haven’t tried grilled pineapple, you definitely should try it out.

Make sure to check out The Boathouse for their special events, pairing either wine or beer with seasonal off-menu dishes creatively crafted by their in-house chef. This is a great way to mix, mingle and dine with an intimate group of foodies, meet the chef, and sample some great food and drinks. More information on special events can be found on their website:

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