Christmas Queen 4 with the Vancouver Theatre Sports League!

December is here! Time for mulled wine, gingerbread cookies, and obnoxiously loud holiday music that no one can judge you for. In between all that and your inevitable last minute Christmas shopping, you should definitely make some time to head down to Granville Island for the Vancouver Theatre Sports League’s holiday show. Move over Santa, because the Christmas Queen is back in town!

Credit to the VTSL

Every year, the VTSL does a crazy improv show around the Christmas Queen’s over the top antics to steal the holiday spotlight, and this year got even wackier. In a Freaky Friday-esque twist, she decides BEING Santa is the key to ruining Christmas once and for all. It’s a ridiculously good time, with a bit of heart that’ll make you “awww” at the stage (if the helpful stage prompter doesn’t nudge you hard enough).


If you’ve never been to an improv show, don’t be scared! It’s basically mad libs but on stage and with real people acting out the random things you shout out to fill the blanks. The crowds are always incredibly enthusiastic, and by the end of the night you’ll be yelling suggestions with the rest of them. Nothing is too weird for these professional players. On the night I went, someone managed to get New Westminster of all places into the show!


Christmas Queen 4 – Secret Santa runs until December 23rd, Wednesdays through Saturdays. Get your ticket at the VTSL website, and make sure to bring some friends!


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