Sneeki Tiki Brings Back that Summer Feel to Vancouver

I know, I know… Fall has arrived, but it doesn’t mean that we have to lose summer! When you find yourself in the rain or cold and longing for that summer feel, enjoy some refreshing drinks and delicious food at Sneeki Tiki, a new tiki-inspired restaurant and bar!

Sneeki Tiki, downtown Vancouver’s very first tiki bar, is located on the corner of Granville and Helmcken Street. It has a patio area that is fenced with bamboo and decorated with greenery and coconuts, giving you a taste of Polynesia. Inside, you will find yourself surrounded by tiki, weaved walls, and a warm atmosphere.

Their menu is pretty diverse as well. They have Polynesian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese inspired food. I tried their Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice, Coconut Shrimp, and Tuna Poke’ Me. The fried rice was savoury and yet chunks of pineapples give it a kick of sweetness and tanginess. The shrimps were covered with crunchy coconuts and it comes with sweet dipping sauce. My favourite was the Tuna Poke’ Me! Avocado and onions mixed with furikake and chilli flakes, topped with ahi tuna, and crunchy taro chips! It just hits the spot J

As for the drinks, I asked for pretty drinks J The server recommended the Blue Hawaiian and Mai Tai Redux. The Blue Hawaiian is a mix of light rum, blue curacao, coconut crème, and pineapple juice.  The Mai Tai Redux, comes in a tiki glass, and is a classic mix of amber and pineapple rum, apricot brandy, orgeat and falemum syrup mixed with pineapple juice. To be honest, I don’t know half of these ingredients, but Mai Tai Redux for the win! I loved how it’s sweet but sour at the same time which is very refreshing.

Currently, Sneeki Tiki occasionally features a live guitarist, DJs every Friday and Saturdays, and guests can bust a move on the dance floor. They have a special menu which consist of a bucket of five Corona or six tiki shooters for $25 daily. Additionally, double highballs for $8 after 10pm. To top that, happy hour for food and drinks is available from 4pm-6pm.

Overall, I really liked it there!

Okole maluna! (Cheers!)


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