Gentlemen, if you already have a Caesar or Greek costume in your closet or if you have a white bedsheet, this Plato pun costume is for you! Punny outfits are always fun to wear! This “Plato/Play-Doh” costume will definitely raise an eyebrow, or two :)

What you need for the outfit:

  1. A toga: Caesar outfit, Greek outfit, or white bedsheet/fabric to wrap around your body.
  2. A book: In one of the paintings of Plato, he was holding a book (makes sense, he was a philosopher).
  3. Long beard: Either wear a fake beard or grow your own beard. You can get fake beards at a dollar store.
  4. Platologo: This you have to make. See the tutorial below.

 What you need for the “Platologo:

  1. A few sheets of yellow felt: The number of felt sheets you need will depend on your waist size so measure your stomach and waist area before buying the yellow felt. These can be found at a dollar store. I bought 4 sheets.
  2. One sheet of red felt: Dollar store :)
  3. Two sheets of white felt: Dollar store again of course.
  4. Fabric scissors: Regular scissors will work too if you don’t own fabric scissors.
  5. Black permanent marker: I used a fine point Sharpie.
  6. Black 3D paint: I got this at Dollarama.
  7. Glue gun, glue sticks, and glue gun silicone pad: All can be purchased at a dollar store. My favourite dollar store is Dollarama who has all these items. Michaels have them too but they cost more.
  8. Velcro: A velcro strip that can be sewn/otherwise attached to the felt strip

How to make the”Plato” logo:


  1. Measure your stomach area and waist line. Make sure you have enough yellow felt sheets to go around your stomach.
  2. Apply glue to one edge of the felt (width side) and connect two felt sheets together. Do this to all yellow felt; however, don’t glue the last side because we will be gluing a Velcro on each end.
  3. Wrap the yellow felt around your waist, with the Sharpie mark where you are going to glue the Velcro, and glue on the Velcro. I found out that it’s better to attach the Velcro diagonally because of the shape of the body (see picture #21). If you don’t do this, the top part will be too big.
  4. For the “Plato” logo, start with making the red base for the logo. With a sharpie, draw 3 inches x 9 inches rectangular on the red felt.
  5. On the 9 inches side, mark 2 inches from the left and 2 inches from the right.
  6. Now you are left with 5 inches in the middle of the felt, find the middle and mark it. From this middle point, draw a 1.5 inches vertical line on top of the rectangular.
  1. Create a dome on top of the rectangle by connecting the 2 inch marks and 1.5 inch mark. Once you have a shape like the photo below, cut the shape. The red part of the logo is done!
  2. Put the red felt on the white felt. Trace the shape of the red felt on the white felt but make it bigger. Between the red and white, there should be approximately at least 0.25 inches gap (see picture below).
  3. Once traced, cut the white felt.
  4. Glue the red felt to the white felt. The red felt should be on top.
  5. Glue the white felt to the middle of the yellow felt.
  6. Draw a border on the yellow felt, around the white felt edges.
  7. Draw a P, L, A, T, and O with a sharpie on a white felt. Make fat letters like Play-Doh letters. Cut them.
  8. Once cut, glue them on top of the red/white logo (see picture below for placement of the letters).
  9. For the final touch, add borders on the letters with a black 3D paint and wait until dry.

TADA! ALL DONE! Now, go to that Halloween party and have PUN!!!

PS: If you decide to make this costume, we would love to see your whole outfit! So send us a PUNNY picture!

Happy Halloween!


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