The New Chocolate Laboratory Tea at Notch 8 is What Chocolate Dreams are Made of

Notch 8 is at it again. located inside the iconic Fairmont Vancouver Hotel, this restaurant is notorious for raising the high tea experience, well, up a notch.

Ranging from a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to an enchanted forest theme, the high tea experience at Notch 8 has definitely been elevated. And this time, the restaurant’s Private Dining Room has been transformed into a chocolate lover’s paradise.

Photo Credit: Fairmont Hotel

Imagine yourself surrounded by custom built floor-to-ceiling chocolate walls. Every detail of this experience has been created to tantalize your senses and prepare your taste buds for the delicious experience that awaits.

 I took my son (and self-appointed chocolate connoisseur) to Notch 8. Dylan and I have our Dylan/Mom dates every couple of weeks and we’re big fans of high tea so I knew we had to experience this together. Notch 8 has created a special chocolate high tea menu just for their littlest fans. Children favorite’s like Nutella sandwiches, scones, and other sweets are available. 

We started by carefully selecting our teas from the Fairmont’s Lot 35 selection. I highly recommend the Creamy Earl Grey – a blend of black tea and cornflower petals. It is simply delicious. My dining partner opted for something more fruity and of course, caffeine free. If you’re looking for something with a bit more kick, you can also opt for one of the restaurants themed cocktails, like The Oscillating Clock, made with Empress 1908 Gin, simple syrup, lemon, and tonic.

The menu includes a variety of sweet and savoury treats starting with s’mores crème brûlée. More traditional offerings include triple chocolate and raspberry white chocolate scones served with milk chocolate clotted cream and mixed berry compote.  

Other savouries worth mentioning include a Chili Chicken Sandwich with mole sauce and fromage frais, a Chocolate BLT made with chocolate apple bacon, tomato and iceberg lettuce, and a Cocoa Gravlax with lemon mascarpone and chives. Sweet treats from the in-house Pastry Shop complete the tier with items like the Gold Popping Candy Chocolate Sable, a Red Velvet Cream Puff, a Popcorn Brownie, and a Chocolate Waffle topped with caramelized banana and sour cream Chantilly.

The Chocolate Laboratory Dessert Lounge, open on Friday and Saturday evenings, will offer a selection of cocktails, like the Cocoa Combustion, a drink for two that features LOT 35 Earl Grey Tea, Crème de Cacao, Kraken Spiced Rum and lemon. Dessert offerings include Liquid Matter made up of a dark chocolate cake, peanut brittle chunks, chocolate meringue, peanut butter ice cream and molten chocolate, or the Truffle Specimens that come in flavours like goat cheese and lime or olive oil and chipotle.

Chocolate Laboratory Afternoon Tea runs from February 28th – April 28th, 2019, with sittings Thursdays – Sundays at 11am, 1pm & 3pm. Adults $59, Children $29.5 (ages 12& under).Reservations are strongly encouraged and can be made by calling 604-662-1900, or online through or 

Chocolate Laboratory Dessert Lounge runs Friday and Saturday evenings from March 1st – April 27th, 2019, from 7pm – 10pm.




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