JLT Chicken World

I present to you yet another amazing fried chicken restaurant. JTL Chicken World is a Korean fried chicken restaurant owned by a husband and wife. The restaurant has been opened since October 2017 so it’s fairly new but boy do they know how to make delicious fried chicken! They are made with 100% rice flour which makes the chicken less greasy.

JTL Chicken World is located in Coquitlam’s Austin Heights, specifically in a plaza on the corner of Austin Ave and Marmont Street. The restaurant has a homey feel to it where tables are covered with table cloths you can find at home and the yellow walls gives out a warm feeling. It’s where you can enjoy a Korean home cooked meal.

When deciding your meal, you get to choose between fried bone-in, fried wings, and fried boneless. Then you can get either a small, large or large half/half portion. Next step is to choose your flavours out of the 9 options: crispy, sweet and spicy, soy garlic, hot soy garlic, maple honey, honey garlic, cheese sprinkle, herb garlic parm, and barbeque. In addition, they also have specialty fried chicken dishes.

So far I have tried 7 flavours, and each flavour has its own unique taste. These are the flavours I have tried:

  1. Crispy (Bone-In): This is the original flavour. It’s gluten-free! Who says you can’t eat fried chicken if you are gluten intolerant :)
  2. Sweet and Spicy (Boneless): This is one of two of the most popular flavours. Sweet, savoury, and spicy.
  3. Soy Garlic (Boneless): Salty but a bit sweet. Very savoury. It’s like a parade on my tastebuds! It’s the other most popular flavour.
  4. Hot Soy Garlic (Boneless): the Same flavour as the soy garlic but it’s spicy! The chef added spicy powder brought overseas from Korea.
  5. Maple Honey (Boneless): Sweet but not as sweet at the honey garlic with a hint of maple.
  6. Honey Garlic (Boneless): Sweet and savoury. You can taste the garlic.
  7. Cheese Sprinkle (Boneless): The cheese seasoning used was from Korea and it tasted really good! It had a hint of cheddar.

My recommendations:

  1. HOT SOY GARLIC is definitely a WINNER! I just love the flavour and I love spicy food. If you don’t like spicy food, get the Soy Garlic.
  2. My second choice is the Honey Garlic.
  3. My next choice is Sweet and Spicy.
  4. If you like cheese, go for the Cheese Sprinkle.
  5. You can dine in or order takeout – you can get it delivered by Doordash too.
  6. Try their spicy mayo and honey mustard dipping sauces. They are the most popular and made in-house.
  7. Tuesdays they are closed

I love this place so much! I can’t wait to go back there again.


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