HPI Bet Makes it Easy to get into the Racing Action

I recently went to a horse race at Hastings Racecourse located at 188 N. Renfrew St., Vancouver ,BC V5K 3N8 (approximately a 5-minute walk from Renfrew and East Hastings intersection). It was an opportunity for me to try out HPIbet, a website that enables you to bet on horse races on your phone.

This was my fourth time attending a horse race and all of them were at Hastings Racecourse. I’m still learning how to place a bet on horses. So many factors to consider! Before I knew about HPIbet, I would usually get a betting instruction guide at guest services, purchase that day’s racebook which lists the horses that will race on that particular day, and go up to a kiosk to place a bet. I usually get so overwhelmed at the kiosk because the lineup moves so fast! People place bets very quickly and usually, there are many people lining up behind me, leaving me feeling pressured to place my bet quickly without knowing my options.

With HPIbet all the pressure is off! The website gives you all the information you need to be able to make a betting decision. To start using the website, go to www.hpibet.com, create a new account for free, and deposit money into your account. After that, you choose the track (Hastings isn’t the only option there are many from all over the world) and race, click “place bet”, and choose your bet type and amount. When you are on the “horses” section, the website shows you the number and name of horses racing. It also shows the morning-line odds (MLO) and the odds just before the race starts. Finally, after reviewing your options, you choose the horses you would like to place a bet on. All this can be done while you are sitting comfortably at the racecourse benches or even on your own couch! No more going to the kiosk every half hour to place bets!

If going to a horse race is your jam, I would recommend HPIbet. It enhances your experience at the race track.

Remember, when you play, know your limit!


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