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The Canucks and the 2010 Stanley Cup

This comes as no surprise to the people who know me. My name is Mary Sheridan and I am a Vancouver Canucks fan.

You may say that my addiction began in 1994, oh the excitement, the anticipation! We were so close! The Canucks stole the division from The Calgary Flames  then The Canucks then went on to defeat both the Stars and The Leaf before facing The Rangers. They made it all the way to the seventh game on June 14, 1994. Despite a valiant effort from then Captain Trevor Linden (who was playing with cracked ribs), they lost the Stanley Cup at the end of the third period by a score of 3-2.

Every April, us Canucks fans gather outside GM Place looking for that “fix” again.  – Most of the time it doesn’t last very long… first, second round and then the boys go golfing. As a Canucks fan, I’ve learned to take it all in stride. There is a ritual to my madness you see –

Every year my fan fervor reaches its maximum peak during the Stanley Cup run. Every year, I am convinced that it is THE year, and that little silver cup will make its home in Vancouver. Every year as The Canucks begin to lose steam, and finally, as their season fizzles out into history, I get up, dust myself off, eat about 10 pounds of chocolate, gain three pounds, and swear that I’ve had enough – I curse you, blue orca! I compare my love for the team as being in an abusive relationship:

“Love, love, love…ouch… that hurt a little bit ok? Please don’t do that again… love, love, love… wait, that’s not right… what are you doing? Love… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? STOP…

…STOP….LOOSING…TO THE WORSE TEAMS IN THE LEAGUE!” The only difference is relationship counselors may not be called in for this type of relationship.

Every year, I have the strength to let them go, yet as the long days of summer stretch out before me, I begin to long for the excitement of the stands, the sounds of the crowds, the electricity the moment the team gets on the ice… I even miss the over-priced beer and the fat guy who sings “Oh Canada” at every game. The echo of “go Canucks go… go Canucks go, GO Canucks GO, GO CANUCKS GO…” begins to resound within me…

Its right about then, during the trade deadlines and the draft picks that Gillis begins to whisper in my ear “Mary… didn’t Henrik and Daniel had a great season last year? The Hart trophy, you got to admit, that’s pretty impressive…Look, how well Luongo played for team Canada! He won a gold medal and you know that Kesler looks GREAT in blue…”

Lets face it… by the time September comes around I am not only on the bandwagon, I am driving it! All wrongs are forgiven, and I am lured once again to GM Place (Rogers Arena – whetever), feeling fresh and renewed, with a heart full of hope and lightness to my step that only a true Canucks fan can understand.

So, as we end another hockey season, the Canucks are once again, out of the playoffs after the second round.  I’ve shed my tears, pounded my fists and ate the chocolate. Pounds have been gained and diet plans have been started. There’s nothing left to do but let go of my disappointment and begin to make my summer plans…

The weather is beginning to get warmer now, and although hockey season is not “officially” over (something about Philadelphia and Chicago (stupid Chicago) still fighting over the silver cup). My season ended with the Canuck’s. My team has signed three new amazing defensemen, the twins have both re-signed long-term contracts and Burrows and Kesler are both in for at least another year. I look forwards to getting tickets to the next season, and will be wearing one of my 7 (yes, 7) jerseys for the season opener at GM Place come September. I will paint that blue orca on my face, and will pay the 10 bucks for a beer, sing “Oh Canada” to the top of my lungs at the beginning of the game, and although I just want to “simply enjoy the ride” – you never know, next year may be THE year…because at the end of the day, the ride – No matter how long – or short – it may be – it’s not the same without my boys in blue. We are all Canucks, after all

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