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This Little Piggie Got Greedy

I love a good deal… I love a good food deal even more.
So when my inbox treated me to 50% off a restaurant called “The Greedy Pig” how can I refuse? I would go to that restaurant based on the name alone! I bought my Groupon and I was on the first Skytrain out to Vancouver.
This little gem is located in Gastown at 307 West Cordova.
I had the pulled pork sandwich which consists of braised pork, home made bbq sauce on a potato hamburger bun. So yummy! I tell you this little piggie enjoyed every tasty morsel. To wash it all down I had the house special drink: a roughrider, which is made with whiskey ginger beer, fresh lime juice and puree raspberries. (yum)
for dessert I tried the wagonwheel which is layers of cake, italian meringue, peanut butter and chocolate.
There is more to this small restaurant than meets the eye. They have live music the first Friday of every month. The decor is unpretentious and has the feel of a bar somewhere in the prairies. A great place for a first date.
You can also check them out online at

Greedy Pig on Urbanspoon

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