Potter’s House of Horrors

I love Halloween, and in the spirit of the season, the family and I decided to check out The Potter’s House of Horrors in Surrey last night. This is becoming almost a yearly tradition for Jake and I. This year, my sister Daisy and her boyfriend joined us.

I have a love-hate relationship with haunted houses. I love getting ready, the anticipation, getting there… the problem is once I get there, my brain starts to scream “Wait, wait a minute… what the hell do you think you’re doing???” IIIIIII….don’t think so!”

Of course, by then its too late, I bought my ticket and Jake is kindly reminding me that this was my idea in the first place and no way I dragged him out of the house for nothing.

Potter’s is definitely one of my favorite Halloween attractions. The staff take a lot of care on the preparations, and the actors and decorations are always top-notch. This year’s theme is fairy tales – fright tales actually.

I’m not gonna go too much into the details of the inside of the house, all I’m gonna tell you is that the $15 you spend are well worth it.

Potter’s is located at 12530 72nd Ave
Surrey and its open October 15th to 31st Nightly
6pm – 10pm
6 pm to 7pm Nightly is Family Hour. a tamer version of their nightly shows.

7pm to 10 pm all stops :)

This year a new attraction was included – for $3 you can hop on “The Last Ride”

One last thing – The Potter’s concession is run by volunteers and charities trying to raise money for good causes, so make sure you munch on something :)


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