Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows *SPOILER ALERT*

Harry Potter is gonna need a lot of therapy when he grows up.. a lot.

I love the series, I love everything about the books, I’m a big fan. So there weren’t any surprises for me in this movie – starting with the untimely end of one of the series beloved characters: Hedwig. Not even 10 minutes into the movie and the owl gets it. The book is a bloodbath from the beginning – and the movie is very much true to the book.  

Harry, Ron and Hermione  continue their search for Horcruxes – it’s a dark quest, that takes a toll on them physically and mentally.

The chemistry between the three main characters is great to watch – the brotherly bond between Harry and Ron, the budding romance between Hermoine and Ron. It’s amazing how fast they’ve grown up in front of our eyes.

This is the darkest of al the films so far – I wouldn’t recommend it for children.

I thought the movie was awesome, but then I am a Harry Potter fan  – if you are too, you will enjoy it as well. I can’t wait for the final movie in 2011.

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