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Chronic Tacos

Fresh from my trip to Mexico, I was craving two things when I got home: More Mexican food and the Canucks. At Chronic Tacos I got both.
My sister Daisy and I agree that this is an awesome place to watch the game. Lots of comfortable seating, plasma screens everywhere, cold beer and good eats! Perfect.

This is the first franchise to open up in Vancouver, and I can see it that is has been very well received.  The place was packed.

Their menu offers a variety of meats (pork, beef, chicken, fish or shrimp) and they also offer Taco salads and tortas (mexican sandwhiches).  Daisy ordered the shrimp tacos, and I was pretty hungry, so I ordered the chimichanga with carne asada burrito, The coolest thing about their Chimichangas is that they are deep-fried in a tasty beer batter. Yum. This thing was not just delicious, it was massive! It was made fresh right before my eyes with all sorts of tasty fixings, including fresh lime juice, guacamole, your choice of salsa and fresh cilantro.

There are several good taco places in Vancouver right now. Why is this one different? Well, for starters this is a more “Westernized” version of the Mexican classic. If you want authentic Mexican tacos you go to La Taqueria on East Hastings. That being said, Chronic Tacos embraces its Californian roots and offers a product that is very good,  in a fun casual atmosphere.

I’ve been there twice so far, and twice I’ve enjoyed a good meal.  Great place to watch the game, and if you’re planing to do just that, get there early. You can follow them on Twitter @ChronicTacosVan

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