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Maryinvancity and the quest for analytic tools

I’m at the home stretch of my BCIT Social Media class.

I’ve learned this week about analytics tools to measure your online presence.

I use Google Analytics at work a lot and I love it. This is probably the most comprehensive tool out there to measure your website’s effectiveness. With Google Analytics you can track key words, users, landing pages, traffic sources, and everything you can think off. It tells you the number of users in a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, as well as country of origin and technical profile. The best part? its free and it allows you to download each report in PDF form. Just beautiful. The downside for WordPress users? You can download GA for your blog as long as you are using the address. If you are a member of or have a customized URL you’re out of luck. The good news is that WordPress has great analytics added to your blog already, where you can track your most popular posts as well as the number of users and subscribers.

Another site that has amazing analytics is Facebook. Once you establish a Facebook fan page, you have access to a wealth of information, including daily likes and dislikes, fan demographics and daily post views. Also you can see which links on your fan page are more popular and why. Great tool if you want to really connect to your online audience.

Now with twitter its a little different. I continue to look for a tool to measure effectively my tweets, but I still haven’t found one that gives me everything I want. One of the more popular tools out there is Hootsuite. This is a pretty good tool, if you’re willing to pay for insights and reports. To gain that information will set you back $5.99 a month. The free version of Hootsuite is great if you’re managing multiple twitter, Facebook and fan page accounts.

The twitter analytics tools I’m using right now is called Tweetstats. It allows you to download your analytics and track users and keywords. It doesn’t allow you to track retweets or mentions. Not on the free version anyways.

I’m open to suggestions, if anyone can recommend a good analytics tool for twitter. Just comment or send me an email.

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