Taste Nice

Across from Gateway Skytrain station there’s a little Caribbean restaurant called Taste Nice. They’ve been there forever (or as long as I can remember) You can’t be in business that long without doing something right.

The restaurant is nothing fancy, like all small restaurants in the heart of Surrey, its family owned. The recipes are old family recipes and the owners are first generation immigrants from Jamaica.

My favorite way to start my meal is by ordering one of their delicious, home-made, Jamaican patties… hmmmm… you have your choice of chicken or beef, and they’re massive. A great value for your money! For $2.50 you can go wrong. Also ask for the banana ketchup. it’s very spicy, so consider yourself warmed.

I’ve been coming here for years, and for years I only come here for one dish: The Stew Beef. Its amazing, and consistently good! I have it every time I come here and the consistency it’s always the same: melt-in-your-mouth beef, perfectly cooked potatoes and carrots, and that gravy… oh it’s out of this world. The price is pretty good too! $7 will get you a half-order (which is plenty) and for $10.25 you can have a full order. Also don’t forget to order one of their Jamaican sodas! My favorite is Ting – a great fruit/lime concoction or their pineapple sodas. So yummy!

For desert, you have to try their home-made cake. ($2.50) It’s called Moms Cake for a reason. The flavours vary from vanilla, carrot and strawberry cake. Add a scoop of coconut ice cream and you’re in dessert heaven.

There’s a few things you need to know about this restaurant: The service its pretty laid back, so don’t expect a lot of attention. I usually get a one visit to my table to see how everything is and that’s it. That being said, have no shame in getting up and asking for what you need. There’s always someone in the kitchen. The staff is very friendly and they love to chat and get to know their customers. Also the restaurant is not very fancy, but it’s very clean. They’re worth a try. Next time you’re in Surrey, check them out.

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