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I had a great dining experience with my friend Anne the other night. We decided to try out Refuel on Kits. And it was amazing! Let me tell you why, and why I can’t wait to go there again.

This restaurant offers a casual and fun atmosphere. The menu is non-complicated, and it offers comfort food classics such as the one we decide to order that night.

Which brings me to why my meal was so memorable.

We came on Friday night, and on Friday nights, Refuel offers a special treat: Their Polderside Farms buttermilk marinated fried chicken.

This dish was not only battered, spiced and fried to perfection. Oh no, it should be framed, mounted and hanged on a mantle – it was that good. Such juicy and tender goodness has to be tried to be believed. It came with a delicious, thick gravy and flaky warm biscuit (which was so buttery!), and a side of coleslaw.

We also tried some of their appetizers. Anne had the golden beet salad with cipollini onions, and I had the braised ribs. My ribs were not my favourite part of the meal. Maybe it’s because I don’t eat ribs very often. I found them a little tough. I wouldn’t order them again. But that’s just me. Anne’s salad was very, very good.

After our amazing chicken dinner, we wanted to share some dessert: We choose the warm sugar pie and ice cream. So good, the consistence was almost like caramel and the crust was flaky and it melted in your tongue. A great way to end our meal.

I liked the restaurant’s casual and relaxed atmosphere, the attentive, yet non-intrucive service. You can count on me coming back again.

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