Banditas Taqueria

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Banditas Taqueria is a new take on Mexican fare. They only serve  vegetarian/vegan dishes. Their food is local and sustainable. Their prices are reasonable. They make their tortillas in house.

We showed up for brunch on a Saturday. The restaurant was packed with locals: families with their children, couples reading newspapers. A real neighborhood place.

The menu has interesting names for their tacos: the Laura May, The Ronny Russell. We decided to try them both:

The Laura May: (beans, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, salsa) my sister is a vegetarian, so she was very happy with her taco. Me, being meat eater, I felt there was something missing. Also I felt that this taco was missing some spice. The salsa did not have much taste to it.

The Ronny Russell ( Roasted yams and onions, fresh guacamole, black beans, green salsa, purple cabbage, & pumpkin seeds) I actually liked this one! The green tomatillo salsa was very good and flavorful and the yams gave this taco the meaty texture I was craving.

We also had a couple of other tacos:But after those two, everything tasted the same.

For brunch I had the The Hicks Benny – This is a new take on the Benny recipe: It still had to eggs (free range) but instead of hollandaise sauce it had fresh guacamole, fresh salsa and your choice of tomatillo or spicy tomato salsa. Also instead of English muffins, they used fresh cornbread. It was really good! very tasty, and did I mention I love that tomatillo sauce?

My sister ordered a margarita to drink and I had their homemade ginger beer. My sister loved her drink. It was well mixed and generous, my ginger beer? not so much. It was weak and sugary. It had almost no ginger taste to it.

Finally we had dessert. We order their walnut pie and the cinnamon flan. The flan was to die for. The best flan I’ve ever tasted it was incredible!. The pie was very good and it had such a rich consistency. The crust was thick and it didn’t crumble very easily.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed my brunch at Bandidas. But I am not convinced that this restaurant should be put in the same category as a Mexican restaurant. Aside from their use of tortillas and some salsa, people would be disappointed  to come here and expect regular Mexican fare. So I found the name of the restaurant a little misleading. That said, I think that this city is lacking some good vegetarian/vegan restaurants and I think Bandidas taqueria fills that void quite nicely.
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