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Coma Food Truck

I finally got around to try some of Vancouver’s new street food vendors. I’ve heard great things about the Coma Food Truck so I decided to try them first.

The name COMA is an mix of the words Korean, Mexican and American. This is the type of food they serve, a mix of all those flavours to create amazing fusion street bites that will delight you.

I ordered the Korean Beef Burrito ($5.99) It came filled with cheese, beef, veggies and kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage). I was a bit worried about the mix of ingredients, but the flavours came together beautifully. And it was a very generous portion! A massive meal for the price I paid!

Another note-worthy dish is the Japchae – delicious sweet potato noodles tossed in a light sesame sauce and served with assorted vegetables. (onions, green peppers, carrots) It was so good and so far my favourite dish. Once again I was surprised by the size of the portions. This dish could’ve easily been shared by two people. The noodles were cooked to perfection and the sauce was tasty but yet light and not overwhelming, which was a nice touch.

We also ordered the Bibimbap ($6.99) This is a rice bowl with vegetables Korean bbq beefs, spicy sauce kochujang (fermented chili paste), egg and and hint of sesame oil. This dish had a large variety of ingredients, including carrots, mushrooms, and other assorted vegetables. It had a beautiful presentation, with the egg sunny side up. The colours were amazing. Such a pretty dish. If you’re only gonna order one dish from Coma Food Truck, this should be the one.

I had a great first time experience at the Coma Food Truck. This is great quality food, very affordable. I’m looking forward to trying some of the other food trucks in Vancouver, but I have to admit, these guys have set the bar high.

Follow them on Twitter @comafoodtruck

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