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La Conquistadora

The word “Conquistadora” is Spanish for “conqueror” or “winning over”. This small Surrey restaurant does just that – wins you over.
I’ve been a regular here for many years and I know the menu by heart. They have a mix of authentic Mexican and Salvadoran dishes. I’m from El Salvador and believe me when I tell you this restaurant makes the best and most authentic Salvadoran food in Vancity.
One of the signature dishes is the pupusas ($2.50) – Salvadoran corn patties filled with assorted fillings. You can order pupusas with cheese, cheese and beans and cheese, beans and chicharon (pork). These patties come with homemade tomato sauce for dipping and curtido, a Salvadoran pickled cabbage salad. They are very good. My favourite mix is the beans and cheese. One cool thing about pupusas: you eat them with your hands.

More Salvadoran food that should be tried: the Yuca Frita, Tamales, Carne Asada and the Chiles Rellenos. Also the Platanos Fritos are a great way to end your meal. These are sweet plantains, deep fried and served with a thick sour cream.

On the Mexican side, La Conquistadora is famous for their Tortas Mexicanas. These are Mexican sandwiches with chorizo, avocado and other tasty fillings. They come in these huge Portuguese buns. They are massive.

Also the Burrito is a great deal. For $7 you get this massive flour tortilla filled with rice, beans, beef or chicken, and smothered in a tangy, thick, homemade tomato sauce.

On the drinks side, a must try is the Mexican Hot Chocolate – a creamy, thick drink with a very high cocoa content. It’s delicious. My Grandmother used to make it the same way. Also the Atol de Elote is a typical Salvadoran drink made from corn that is very good.

Another great thing about La Conquistadora: It’s also a Mexican food market: you can buy fresh cheeses, tortillas, and spices.

The restaurant is not very fancy, and the service is slow, don’t expect to be pampered here. It’s very, very laid back. But the food and the prices are good.

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  1. Thanks for reading Melody! If you ever feel like sharing some Mexican food with me, let me know! Would love to share a meal with you :)


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