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Thai House Royale

This restaurant is located in Station Square shopping centre near Metropolis at Metrotown. Thai House’s menu offers traditional Thai dishes as well as some original creations. It’s been voted Best Thai Restaurant in Burnaby 13 years in a row. It gets pretty busy during lunch and dinner peak hours, so I recommend getting there early.

With so many tasty dishes to try out, a good way to do it is by ordering from their combinations menu. The larger the group the better the menu variety – e.g. you get more options.

For our group, we ordered the combination for six. For $108 you get generous portions of their most popular dishes: Thai spring rolls, chicken satay with peanut sauce, red chicken curry with coconut, stuffed eggplant, pad thai, prawn stir fry and beef marinated with white pepper and garlic.

We started with the Thai spring rolls which were very tasty and not too oily. Lots of delicious toppings under the crispy layers. My favourite dish were the chicken satays. They were delicious: tender, juicy chicken; served with a thick and creamy peanut sauce. They were really good.

The pad thai was really good too! I loved the noodles, and the sauce was nice and spicy too. The pad thai had lots of toppings.

What can I tell you about the chicken curry? The chicken was juicy and there was lots of it! The curry sauce had just a hint of spice, and it was creamy and sweet. It was served with a generous helping of coconut jasmine rice.

The one dish I didn’t quite enjoy was the eggplant. I found the skin of the eggplant to be very tough, which made it hard to eat. It was also a bit too oily for my taste.

To drink, I had a Thai iced tea. This is a very creamy and tasty drink. Very sweet. This version was a bit stronger than what I’m used to, but still very good.

The service at Thai House Royale was very good. Our server was very attentive and did several checks. We were never without water or anything else.

I found the portions to be quite large. Even with our big group, we had plenty of leftovers. The bill came to a little over $20 each with taxes and tip. Not bad for a tasting menu.

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