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Thierry Patisserie

My good friend Sean from Sean’s Adventures in Flavor Town took me here after a heartbreaking Canucks loss. (He sensed that I needed some sugary comfort).  For his complete review, click here. Sean took all the pictures for this post.

Thierry Patisserie is the brain child of Chef Thierry Busset. Gordon Ramsey once called him “one of the finest pastry chefs in the world”.

We got here at almost 10:00pm and the place was PACKED. There were lots of people enjoying drinks and desserts on the patio. Thierry is fully licensed. They are open until midnight seven days a week.

The restaurant is self-serve and the staff are friendly. They are more than happy to share with you about the different types of desserts they offer.

Sean and I got a few desserts to share: The Opera Cake, A Blueberry Tart, the Chocolate Trio, and Assorted Macaroons.

I will start with my favorite: I LOVED the blueberry tart! If you come here you have to try the tarts! The pastry cream is rich, but not heavy, and the crust is flaky and delicious. The tarts come with different toppings. Sean told me that he had the tropical fruit one last time he came, and it was very good.

The macaroons are a house specialty. They come in different flavors and fillings. In order to get a good idea of flavors, we share the 7- piece pack for $12.

I found a couple of flavors (pistachio and hazelnut for example) to be extremely chewy. Those macaroon were very hard and tough to eat. My favorites were the lemon and key lime macaroons. The fillings were light and the lemon macaroon had a bit of lemon zest inside it, which was a nice touch.

The chocolate trio was very rich, but not overwhelming. This dessert is a mix of white, dark and milk chocolate mousse. Another winner.

Finally, the Opera Cake. So, so rich. I found that I was overwhelmed with just a couple of bites. Perfect for sharing.

The presentation of all these desserts was fantastic. It is obvious that they are made with care.

This was a nice experience, and I would come back here again. They offer sandwiches and small plates as well as desserts, so maybe next time I’ll come back for lunch!
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