Drinks at Chill Winston

Chill Winston is one of the best people-watching patios in the city. Located in the heart of Gastown, Chill Winston offers fantastic drinks and friendly service.

The focus of this post is their drink menu. I’ll be honest, I’ve haven’t tried the food here. The real reason is because I haven’t made it past the tasty drink menu! I’ve tasted almost every drink on their cocktail list. The prices are bit high (most of the drinks range from $9 to $11) but I love the atmosphere, and the patio is a great place to get together with friends. I’ve been here a few times with food blogger extraordinaire and good friend Sean from Sean’s Adventures in Flavor Town. Every time we’ve been here we’ve enjoyed the ambiance, the service and the drinks. Sean took all the pictures for this post.

The cocktails have VERY interesting names – let’s start with the Spooning Jesus ($9). Now I don’t know if this is “the” Jesus, or why he’s spooning, but this is a tasty drink. It has rum, lychee liqueur, triple sec, orange liqueur, and sour cherry.

These little glasses carry a mighty punch, so regardless of your dogma, one too many of these and you’ll think you can also walk on water.

This drink was delicious, but I found that for $9 you didn’t get a lot of it. Also there was a lot of ice, for such a tiny glass.

Next up we have the Holy Water ($9) cucumber-infused gin, sparkling wine, lime syrup and rose water.

This cocktail was very refreshing and very light. If you’re looking for something not too sweet, this is a good drink for you.

Another interesting cocktail is The Passion ($11). This little guy is made with tequila, amaretto, lime and passion fruit juices and egg whites.

The egg whtes make the drink nice and frothy. The combination of amaretto and tequila is unusual to me, but it works! It’s not too sweet, but it does make for a nice sipping drink. Pretty strong too!

Next up we have my favorite drink on the menu: The CoCo Voodoo ($10) Rum, coconut syrup, lime and pineapple juice and sour cherry.

This drink is oh so yummy! It’s so sweet and you can hardly taste the rum, which also makes it dangerous, as you can’t taste the alcohol and before you know it, you’re singing voodoo magic with the band in your head.

I like my drinks sweet. So this one really hit the spot for me.

The Lazarus Kiss ($9) is a great drink! it has cucumber-infused gin, lemonade, lime syrup, and cracked pepper.

The pepper gives this drink an unexpected spiciness. And the cucumber garnish is a nice touch. This is another very light tasting and refreshing drink.

I ordered the Lord Nelson’s Blood ($9) based on the name alone. I asked our server who Lord Nelson was, but he couldn’t tell me. This drink has spiced rum, southern comfort, lime syrup lemon juice, and a splash of soda.

We left there feeling pretty good. I recommend trying some of these drinks for yourselves. Next time I’m here, I will try their beers and the food.

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  1. In 2012 I will check out those tasty drinks and tell them I heard about it through your blog Mary. Thanks for posting on the Social Media Club Facebook page.



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