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La Belle Patate

The folks at La Belle Patate want you to know a few things about them:

YES – their cheese is fresh never frozen and goes squeak!

NO – Their cheese will not melt all over your fries like mozza curds you find everywhere.

YES –Their fries are made fresh daily from real potatoes.

YES –Their sauce is vegetarian.

This was taken from their official website, and I love it – as it saved me a lot of time writing this post. Time that I could be using telling you guys that POUITNE ROCKS!

As if we need any more reasons to be proud to be Canadians, we have the ultimate comfort food as a national dish! well, at least I think it should be a national dish.

My friend Dale introduced me to this place. Dale knows his stuff. I was more than happy to meet him here one glorious Friday evening after a gruelling day at work.

La Belle Patate was Started by Montrealer Pascal Cormier, who brought the concept back to Vancouver from Victoria, where they have another location.

The restaurant  features nearly 30 variations of poutine. Looking at the menu can be overwhelming. What to have? There’s smoked meat poutine, there’s poutine topped with bacon, onions and mushrooms, there’s the Mexican poutine, that has ground beef, jalapeno and green peppers and tomatoes. Then there’s the Galvade poutine that has chicken and peas. So much pressure to order just one!

After breathing deeply into a brown paper bag, I decided the menu would not get the best of me. I refused to give in to my panic attack and ordered the Mexican Poutine ($10.50 for a medium).

A good thing to know here is that they’re licensed –  yay! I enjoyed a tasty Sol beer while I waited for my food.

Dale ordered the Poutine with bacon – It looked so tasty, I had to steal some. Sorry Dale.

I tell you, the poutine is good! The gravy is phenomenal, not very oily. And the cheese was awesome. I loved the cheese curds. Overall a very satisfying meal. The portions are very generous. Lots of toppings.

The restaurant also serves hotdogs, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and burgers. For $25 they have all you can eat poutine. Now that’s a challenge!

Next time you’re on Davie St. Check them out for yourself. They’re pretty tasty. Also, you can find them on facebook. Now if only they would join twitter…

La Belle Patate on Urbanspoon


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