The Railway Club

The Railway Club has been around since the 1930’s.It was one of the oldest licences granted in the province after the repeal of prohibition. It started as a membership-only club for railway workers who worked at the CPR station (now the Seabus terminal).

Railway Club has a long history of being a music venue – the likes of K.D. Lang, Spirit of the West and The Tragically Hip all have played here.

This is a fantastic place, It has a fantastic vintage feel to it, and the cutest little electronic train runs around the ceiling.

I came here the other day to watch my friend Carson Ho @ChisunHo perform. His act is a combination of electronica, rap, and comedy. I know it makes no sense, but you have to seem him perform, he’s really, really funny! His show is very interactive, and the crowd just loves him!  Check out some of his stuff here.

They serve great pub style fare here, and the prices are very reasonable! There’s a great selection of beers on tap, and all their pints are 20 oz. For dinner I ordered the Pulled Pork on a Bun and it was only $10. It came with really good wedge fries too. The pork was moist and very tender, and the sauce had a great smoky flavour to it.

We also had the Nachos ($12) It was a good portion and had plenty of toppings. Like I said before, very good pub fare and very reasonable prices.

Follow them on twitter @RailwayClub

Railway Club on Urbanspoon

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