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The Mac Shack

Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Who doesn’t love mac and cheese?

The Mac Shack has been creating an insane amount of hype. This restaurant is all about mac and cheese – all kinds of mac and cheese. It opened this weekend on Kerrisdale. I think that even the owners underestimate how popular their concept would be. They sold over 400 mac and cheeses in their first few hours of opening! According to their twitter feed, they sold 700 mac and cheeses on their first day. That ought to be some kind of record.

A lot of people were looking forward to this place opening. I ran into some of Vancouver’s elite twitter community while I was there, which was awesome, who doesn’t love eating good food with tweeps. Some pictures are of menu items I didn’t have a chance to try myself, but tweeps were kind enough to allow me to take pictures and give me their opinions. I’ll start with the item that I did order.

The Ultimate Mac and Cheese ($11 for a small). Believe me when I tell you that a small is plenty. This mac and cheese came loaded with… well, everything! Green peppers, broccoli, yellow peppers, chicken, chorizo, shrimp, mushrooms, all held together by a mix of Mozzarella and Gruyere cheeses. This was a very tasty dish! When I first got it, the sauce was a tad thin, but it thickened as I ate it.

The Mac Shack offers healthier options, such as salads and whole wheat pastas. They also have vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Another dish that was a hit at my table was the Cajun Mac and Cheese. This was macaroni pasta in a tomato Cajun sauce, topped with chorizo, Canadian bacon, bell peppers, shrimp and Canadian and Gruyere cheeses. There were a couple of people who ordered it at our table and the feedback was the same: great sauce, awesome presentation, tasty, but the shrimps were almost non-existent. The Mac Shack uses pizza shrimp that are very very tiny, and they don’t pack a lot of flavour. One person counted three shrimps in their entire plate. Bigger shrimp would be nice.
Another hit was their Lobster Mac and Cheese. Big chunks of lobster in a lemon, dill, roasted garlic sauce and covered with Asiago and Canadian cheddar cheese. There was plenty of lobster in this dish. The sauce was nice and thick and covered the pasta beautifully.

Of course the Mac Shack also offers the classic mac and cheese dishes, such as Four Cheese macaroni (Provolone, Gruyere, Canadian cheddar and aged cheddar) and the Classic  (white aged sharp cheddar in a cream sauce). Lots of variety to be had.

Follow them on twitter @the_mac_shack 


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