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The Juice Truck

Zach Berman and Ryan Slater want you to eat healthy.

The Juice Truck is hard to miss – located in Gastown at 200 Abbott St, look for the big, pink truck. They serve fresh juices. They use the best local produce and only organic when available. Even their way of juicing is different: They use a machine called the Norwalk Juicer. This machine uses a slow spinning blade that creates pulp out of the produce, which then is wrapped in a linen cloth and the juice is extracted through a large amount of pressure. This method is called the Hydraulic press and it allows the maximum amounts of sugars, vitamins and minerals to come thru.

If that isn’t enough reason to love them, how about the wonderful concoctions they create!

I wasn’t feeling well when I got there so the guys made for me The Remedy (Pineapple pressed with cucumber, wheatgrass, mint & ginger) It was really good! The strong ginger and mint made my throat immediately feel better.  I also had The Raw Chai Brownie
(Dates with raw cacao powder, hazelnut, coconut oil, ground flax seed, maple syrup, vanilla & chai spices). A cool thing about the brownie: it’s made with raw ingredients. For their complete menu, click here.

Healthy never tasted so good!

The Juice Truck has some exciting things in the works: Soups are now on the menu. Great vegetarian choices made with fresh and organic ingredients. Also hot drinks will be coming late fall.

Follow them on twitter: @juicetruck

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